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I. The arbitration agreement recommended to be included in the articles of association of a legal person: companies generally accept this type of clause in contracts when they do not wish to open up to long and long lawsuits in the event of a dispute with a customer or a customer. * – additional texts of direct agreements. Tax Rule 9 defines how arbitration fees are to be paid. Other payment agreements may be created by the parties in their arbitration clause, with the agreement of the United States of arbitration and mediation. The other arbitration currently before the Supreme Court concerns the ability of a state court to interpret arbitration clauses. It was generally accepted that contract law was a matter of national law and that it was for national courts and not federal courts to interpret contracts. In an arbitration proceeding for consumers who waive a class action called DIRECTTV, Inc. v. Imburgia, an arbitration clause stated that, notwithstanding the arbitration clause, “however, if your state`s right to waive class arbitration was not applicable, [the entire section requiring arbitration] would not be applicable.” 30 The case took place in California at a time when class actions were found to be unenforceable in consumer contracts as they exist in that contract. As a result, the State Court refused to impose a waiver of the class action. The Supreme Court has agreed to a review to determine whether the state`s interpretation of the treaty conflicts with the FAA and should therefore be overturned.

Uber`s mandatory arbitration process requires that all claims be invoked individually and not as class actions.