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Certain types of anti-competitive State aid are illegal. We advise private companies and public authorities on EU state aid rules. We evaluate regulatory measures and advise both companies and authorities on how best to implement these measures. DLA Piper Denmark`s practice regularly assists clients in complying with competition rules and also assists in the development and negotiation of joint venture agreements and activities in contentious cases, including antitrust investigations. Michael Klöcker, Head of Cabinet, specialises in anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant positions and merger control activities. Clients regularly come from the trade, information technology, media, construction and automotive sectors; The team is also one of the public institutions on its client list. We support companies that have been the subject of a complaint about anti-competitive practices or that think they have reason to complain about other companies. We assess the reasons for the complaint and discuss how best to proceed, for example. B vis-à-vis competition authorities, contractors, the media and other stakeholders. Anti-competitive decisions in the collegiate rules of Foreningen Danske Revisorer* On 20 February 2013, the Danish Competition Council resolved a case concerning two anti-competitive decisions under the collegial rules of a small association of Danish accountants. According to the rules of (…) Our competition law specialists have in-depth knowledge of the application and management of competition rules in many sectors, for example.B.

Procurement, construction and transportation, and our expertise, is often complemented by our core competencies in the areas of mergers and acquisitions, contracts, government grants, public procurement, distribution contracts and intangible property rights. On 21 October 2019, the Danish Maritime and Commercial Court upheld the decisions of the Court of Appeal and the Council, In 2013 and 2014, Mediacenter Danmark A/S (MCD) and MPE Distribution ApS (MPE) had breached the law by agreeing that MPE should not sue MCD`s customers in the market for buying and selling the delivery of unregulated mail to end customers (advertisers). In January 2015, mpE contacted the Council with information on possible anti-competitive infringements, following which the DCCA raided the premises of six alleged news agencies in August 2015. During these dawn raids, the DCCA found only evidence of an agreement between MCD and MPE. According to the Council, the investigation revealed that MCD and MPE had concluded an agreement on the Danish market to allocate customers for the purchase and sale of mail not reserved for end customers. The Tribunal confirmed that the agreement between the parties constituted an inseparable restriction of competition and that customers had less choice in the market, which could lead to a decrease in service and/or an increase in prices. The case was reported to the Public Prosecutor`s Office. Anti-competitive agreements are illegal. But when is an agreement really anti-competitive? Horten advises on the conclusion of agreements and identifies future competition issues. This may be relevant for the conclusion of more complex contracts, for example.B.

distribution agreements, exclusive distribution agreements or agency contracts. Here, Horten can help the customer maneuver through the different rules to ensure that the company achieves its goal safely. Over the past 12 months, the following decisions on horizontal agreements have been published by the Danish competition authorities. Godik abused its dominant position in the Danish market for the rental of portable toilets for events by imposing on customers a standard exclusivity obligation for long-term rental agreements* On 29 April 2020, the Danish Competition Council (“DCC”) issued a decision on Godiks ((…) Denmark: Two members of the management of the now dissolved demolition company were fined DKK 300,000 each in a bid-manipulation case* The Hillerød City Court fined two members of the management of a demolition company that is now dissolved for participating in cartels in the (…) In addition, in September 2015, the DCCA opened an investigation into competition between pharmaceutical wholesalers in Denmark, which is part of the DCCA`s focus in recent years on the pharmaceutical industry. . . .