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Like a lease, you can use a lease agreement to define the responsibilities of each roommate, including payment of incidentals, repairs, rents, and other expenses. A co-location agreement can also be used to set the house rules that everyone must follow so that each roommate knows what to expect. A copy of all written agreements with the lessor, including the lease, should be attached to this document. Tenants are two or more people who rent a unit. Tenants may be listed in the same rental agreement or have separate rental agreements. Colocation can occur inside a residential unit or in a common commercial property. Unlike a typical lease agreement, a co-tenancy agreement does not create an owner-tenant relationship. If you want to enter into a lease for a group of tenants or roommates, you can use a lease or space rental agreement depending on the circumstances. If you rent a property with one or more people, you can help ensure that your accommodation is harmonious with a rental agreement. A co-location agreement helps you avoid any misunderstandings by defining the things each roommate is responsible for.

That is what matters. Some states have restrictions for the duration of a lease. For example, Florida does not allow renting for more than two years. In contrast, California has no limit on the duration of a lease. In some cases, landlords interested in longer-term rent may offer a reduced monthly rent in exchange for a longer lease. Yes, if your roommate signed the lease with you, he or she is a co-tenant of that lease. If your roommate has signed a sublease agreement that you designed separately, it`s a tenant….