When forming your own STEAMworx club, you may be asked to provide a Club Constitution.  Here is a template you can use for those schools that require a Club Constitution.

Official Constitution of the

[SCHOOL] STEAMworx Science Club


Instructor: [YOUR NAME]


Preamble: We the students of [SCHOOL], establish this club with the intent of learning about Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Math through the experience of modern DJs, lighting crews, sound engineers, video production teams, and other professions surrounding live performances. We do so understanding that we are to uphold the reputation of our club and school by demonstrating excellence at all times.

 Article I: Name and Purpose

Section 1. The name of this club shall henceforth be The [SCHOOL] STEAMworx Club.

Section 2. This club may also be referred to as STEAMworx or NSC.

Article II: The Sponsor and Instructor

Section 1: The Club must always maintain a Sponsor and an Instructor, collectively known as the advisers

  1. The Sponsor must be a current teacher or other staff member of [SCHOOL].
  2. The Instructor must be a certified STEAMworx Instructor. As certified by the STEAMworx Program.

Section 2. The club advisers shall maintain files on membership, activities, and financial transactions.

Section 3. The club advisers shall regularly review each member for compliance with academic and behavioral standards and obligations.

Section 4. The club advisers shall help the club officers understand and carry out their duties.

Article III: Executive officers

Section 1.  The STEAMworx Club recognizes three officers of the organization, they consist of: Lead DJ, Lighting Crew Manager, and Video Production Manager.  Officers may be elected by members and/or appointed by the club advisers.

Section 2. Officers may be elected by ballot in open form.

  1. Elections will take place at the first meeting of each school year.
  2. Those who are active members of the STEAMworx Club shall have the ability to vote.
  3. Only those present are permitted to vote, members not present shall have their vote abstained.
  4. In the event of a tie, the Club Advisers will make the final decision.

Section 3: All officers are elected/appointed for the term of one school year.

Section 4: The Duties of the officers are set as follows:

  1. All Officers: shall represent the club before any other organization and to [SCHOOL]. All officers are expected to represent the club to the necessary school entities when scheduling the music festival.
  2. Lead DJ: In charge of all DJs, ensuring they are present and prepared for meetings. Will assist with lessons assigned as “DJ Focused”.
  3. Lighting Crew Manager: In charge of all Lighting Crew members, ensuring they are present and prepared for meetings. Will assist with lessons assigned as “Lighting Focused”.
  4. Video Crew Manager: In charge of all Video Crew members, ensuring they are present and prepared for meetings. Will assist with lessons assigned as “Video Focused”.

Section 5: Requirements of an officer

Officers must be active members above the age of 9.

Section 6: Behavior

Officers must be in compliance with all school rules and regulations.  Failure to follow school rules and regulations even once, is grounds for immediate removal from office.

Section 7: Removal or Resignation

  1. A resignation may be provided to the club advisers privately.
  2. A club adviser may request the removal of an officer for any reason.
  3. An officer may be removed through a ¾ majority vote of all members.
  4. Should an officer resign or be removed from office the club advisers shall have the power to appoint a replacement to complete their term.

Article IV: Judicial Powers

The judicial power shall be vested in one Supreme Court, composed of the club advisers.  Said power shall extend to everything under the auspices of the organization and shall include but not be limited to: Jurisdiction over issues and that involve the club that may require reevaluation of membership and or sanctions.

Article V Membership

Membership is open to all students of [SCHOOL] age 5 years or older.  Members must be in good academic and behavioral standing with the school and attend 50% of the required meetings.

  1. The term “active member” refers to any member that has paid all dues for the current school year.
  2. Each member will belong to a single team, under the leadership of one of the officers. Members may select their own team; however, club advisers may re-adjust team membership for balance.
  3. Team memberships are determined at the first meeting of the school year and are fixed for the entire school year.

Article VI: Dues

Dues for the Club will be collected on or before the first Club meeting in a given school year.  Dues are defined in the Bylaws, to be evaluated annually.

Article VII: Meetings

Meetings will be held bi-weekly (every two weeks) according to the schedule set forth in the first meeting.  Meetings will run for two (2) hours.  Not all teams are required at all meetings, though all teams are welcome.

  1. Each meeting will have a single focus. The focus will determine which team will lead the meeting.

Article VIII: Amendment Procedure

Any member of the club may present proposed amendments. Amendments shall be considered by a vote during a general meeting of the club. A quorum for a vote to amend the constitution shall be one-half of all active members. Amendments shall be approved by a majority vote of the members present.

Article IX: Statement of Non-Discrimination

This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or genetic information in any of its policies, procedures, and practices. This policy will include, but is not limited to recruiting, membership, organization activities, or opportunity to hold office.


Dues: Dues for the 2016/2017 School Year are $120

Transportation costs: All members are required to provide their own transportation to and from meetings.

Safety Instruction: All members must attend a STEAMworx safety instruction.  Safety instruction will be provided during the first meeting of each school year and as needed throughout the school year.

Pyrotechnics: All Pyro-technics used in this club are of consumer-grade and do not require a license.  Operation of Pyrotechnics must be performed under the supervision of the certified STEAMworx instructor.

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