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Over the past two months, it has become clear that the (SENDER`S ADDRESS) construction project was not concluding with the efficiency and quality promised in the original contract. As a result, RECIPIENT is informed of the termination of this contract. A copy of the letter signed by the recipient or a receipt signed by authenticated email can be useful in the event of a subsequent dispute over termination and if the sender must prove that an appropriate notification has been made. So far, a project that should have lasted only six weeks has extended to almost five months. We missed three deadlines and had to renegotiate other supplier contracts because they can only start their share of work when your company has concluded their contracts. In addition, most contracts define precisely how they can be terminated. It is not uncommon for contracts requiring a written intention to terminate not be entered into with termination intentions, when the need for an termination letter is necessary. Sections 6 and 7 of the contract provide that SENDER may terminate the contract if the issues brought to RECIPIENT`s attention are not resolved within 30 calendar days. LawDepot`s termination agreement is written by default to take effect on a specific date. This correspondence is sent in accordance with Sections 6 and 7 of the contract between SENDER and RECIPIENT. This is because the termination of a contract may include several additional steps that must be completed before the letter is sent.

Keep in mind that different states have different rules and rules regarding contractual terms and conditions and that certain types of contracts may not comply with this rule, which may require legal advice. In accordance with the terms of the contract, RECIPIENT promised to resolve the issues within 30 calendar days. It is now 15 days after the expiration of this 30-day calendar period and no further work has been completed. As this warning has gone unnoticed and no progress has been made on the site, we would unfortunately like to inform you that we wish to terminate our mutual contract with immediate effect. This contract was terminated on the basis of clauses 7B and 8A of the construction contract.