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Where a transfer contract is performed separately from the main contract, the interaction with the main contract must be carefully weighed. If provisions that were normally included in a separate transfer contract are indeed included in the main contract, the broader provisions of the main contract must also be taken into account. the transmission of personal data of the company of a subcontractor to a subcontractor or between two entities of a subcontractor, if such transfer was prohibited by data protection legislation (or by the terms of data transfer agreements concluded to address the data protection limitations of data protection legislation); The delegation agreement must reflect the relevant mandatory requirements of the GDPR. Before you start checking or designing the contract, you need to establish the IT relationship between the parties, for example. B if the data are transmitted to the controller, controller, processor or processor, or a combination of the above data. In each scenario, the parties should have an understanding and record of the underlying personal data that will be transferred in order to be sure of their own responsibilities and the responsibilities of the third party concerned that will be reflected in the transfer contract. These clauses are governed by the law of the country in which the data exporter is established, with the exception of laws and regulations relating to the processing of personal data by the data importer, in accordance with clause II (h). What needs to be included in the agreement depends precisely on the use of a derogation, an adequacy decision or another transfer mechanism to legitimize the transfer of personal data. For some transfer mechanisms, it may be appropriate to include the mechanism in the agreement itself, for example.

B when SSCs are used for the controller of the subcontractor. They should also refer to other relevant agreements. Whenever possible, it is convenient to conduct research on coded or completely anonymized data. In the event that identifiable information is requested from third parties or staff members, care should be taken to ensure that no obligation of confidentiality is breached. The terms of the original agreement should be reviewed to determine whether the proposed use is covered by third parties and, if not, an agreement should be reached. It should be emphasised that personal data should not be disclosed unless there is consent and the storage area is secure The transfer of personal data to another controller is only permitted if certain conditions apply, as well as for transfers to a data processor established outside the EEA. Similarly, the delegation agreement must define the legal basis for transfers, direct and indirect and onward. To comply with information governance, it is necessary to set up a data transfer agreement covering the transfer of datasets between institutions. Normally, we expect only anonymized data to be transmitted The GDPR provides that a controller should only use one processor who offers sufficient guarantees that it provides appropriate technical and organizational measures for the processing to comply with the requirements of the GDPR and respects the rights of the data subject. . .