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Become a VIP

Become a VIP

We need your help! Due to nation-wide funding cuts for education, traditional science and arts courses are being removed as part of the school curriculum.  More and more it is up to after-school clubs to expose students to science, technology and the arts. Become a Very Important Patron by giving to the STEAMworx Team.

Are you a local Arizona Business? Do you work for Pioneer, Chauvet, Sennheiser, Novation, or other DJ-Industry company? STEAMworx is looking for sponsorship opportunities and has an attractive sponsorship package.

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Thank you for making our program a success.  We have several options for you to give to the cause.  Please be sure to let us know what you would like your gift used for.


Equipment Gifts

Prefer to purchase something to support STEAMworx directly?  We’ve created a Wish List at and a few other websites for the equipment necessary to make STEAMworx a top-tier experience.   Scroll down and look over our list.   All equipment purchases will be acknowledged on this page.



Our first event will be in Gilbert, AZ.  If you are a local and would like to donate your time to making STEAMworx a success, please email Pete Mueller at