Would you like to form your own STEAMworx program at your school?  this list contains all of the equipment we use as part of the STEAMworx program.  Currently the list does not contain various cables, connectors, and other minor accessories.  The current estimated total cost, included these accessories, is $32,000 $24,000.  The list does not contain transport cases for the equipment either, we are still working on the best/least expensive way to store and transport this equipment.

We are always looking for equipment (new or slightly-used) and funds so that we can expand our program. The links below are tagged with our affiliate ID.  If you decide to purchase something, for us or our own program, please support us by using these links directly.

NOTE: As this is our first year, this list will change more than a few times.  Check back often as we will update the list as we go through our inaugural festival.

UPDATE 8/4/16: After some changes to the lesson plans, we were able to trim 25% off the cost of the equipment!

The List

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