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7.3 If the early termination criteria are not met, monthly deferred payment subscriptions are subject to a full payment notification from the date of the cancellation request after the minimum term. 2. 10 Remission session (adults and children): advance payment for 10 fitness classes. This option expires 3 months after purchase. No refunds or transfers for classes not used after the expiry date (use or lose them). Aspire Fitness Studio does not offer refunds for PAYG class bookings, class passports or membership fees. All price options remain available on accounts receivable that they can use as balances on their accounts, subject to possible expiry dates (use or loss). Fitness Space reserves the right to increase premiums each year. Disabled members. We warmly welcome members with disabilities to use our centres.

If a member with a disability is to be accompanied by an assistant or janitor of a non-member in order to take due account of the member`s use of the Centre, we ask both parties to sign an agreement for such use of the Centre. We do not allow multiple bookings for the same class under a person`s account. Account holders are not allowed to share their account or affiliation with others. For protection, health, safety and insurance purposes, we need a registration for each person who takes courses with their own account to ensure that we have the correct health information for each and emergency contact information. Parents cannot book their children on their own behalf, but must create an individual account for each child. 6. MEMBER agrees that MEMBER should not use noisy or profane language on studio grounds, or that MEMBER harasses other studio MEMBERs, clients or employees, badger, attic, attack or harassment. If member demonstrates such conduct, MEMBER`s membership is subject to immediate termination and the balance of the contract is immediately declared due and fully due.

7.1 The following reasons may be acceptable for the fitness area subject to a formal early termination agreement. Requests for termination are only accepted and applied from the date of written correspondence received by the studio or collection agency. If you wish to revoke this contract, you can terminate it with a written notification to STUDIO. Communication must say that you do not want to be bound by the treaty. The message must be delivered to Core Love Yoga and Fitness- 25 Maggies Way Suite 6 Dover, DE 19901. Any cancellation or modification of this contract before the end of the contract, initiated by the customer, is charged with a fee of 50 USD. Payable on the day of cancellation. The company has the right to debit my bank account to charge these fees.

All outstanding amounts must be recovered before the affiliation contract is terminated. If I am unable to pay the outstanding amounts, I still have an obligation to make monthly payments until all outstanding amounts are paid, at what point I can terminate my membership.