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“… Our dispute is not with early childhood educators, it is a question of teachers` rights under a collective agreement. The government has sold Nova Scotians for this program that they have a teacher, and they will have an ECE in the classroom.¬†Early childhood educators received letters last week warning that a complaint from the Nova Scotia Teachers` Union could cost them their jobs. We are sorry that you will need to be at least 19 years old to consume this content. “It appears that the preschool program, as it is offered in Nova Scotia, should be a four-year-old child care service available in public schools by December 31,” says the NSTU position paper on the existing pre-primary program. The Nova Scotia Government Employees Union and the Canadian Union of Public Employees, which represent a large number of CEAs, have both registered as interveners in the complaint arbitration process to oppose it. There is at least one ECE for every ten children with a maximum of 24 students in a class taught by three CEEs in this province. Meanwhile, the NSTU claims that the Ministry of Education has caused the current impasse by creating a preschool program that violates the contracts under which their membership operates. Enrolment in the Mont Saint-Vincent children`s and youth curriculum has increased with the expansion of the kindergarten to 315 majors this year. “I don`t know what (NSTU) is thinking,” said Grant Dart, CUPE`s national representative. Fernando Nunes disputes the NSTU`s assertion that the preschool program is run as a state-subsidized daycare.

A leading early childhood educator has an entry wage of $24.29 per hour, based on a year of 213.75 days, which is based on $36,993 per year. “… This (complaint) has financial consequences for the province as a whole, it is to the detriment of the children and our members themselves. We have people who went to daycare and made career changes to be part of this program when it was put in place. According to the Ministry of Education, a new full-time teacher with an ATC 1 licence earns $59,287 per year based on a 195-day school year. While Wozney said that maladministration was not intended to create a Union lawn war, that was the effect. The Nova Scotia model of the program has two categories of early childhood educators – a leading ECA that typically has four years of university degree in early childhood development and an ECD assistance with a 2-year degree. The NSTU wants a system based on the Ontario model, where there is a teacher who is supported by an early childhood educator in each class.

“It seems that the preschool program, as proposed in Nova Scotia, is child care”… This (complaint) has financial consequences for the province as a whole, to the detriment of the children and our members themselves. The average entry wage for an early childhood educator is now $19.63 per hour, or $25,979 per year. Graduates of the school`s four-year program have a Level 3 ECE qualification, which is the most recognized by the province because they have specific training in the social and cognitive intellectual development of young children. “If the NSTU complaint is successful, it could result in the replacement of all CEEs by certified teachers,” says the letter from the Ministry of Justice, responsible for hosting the complaint filed by the teachers` union.