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If this transaction is related to the award of another lease, you only enter the premium for that lease. Enter the address to which we can write to the buyer (1) after the effective date of the land transaction. If this is the property address, indicate with an “X” to view the same question 28. For more information on reducing workload in a leasing operation. Enter the buyer`s principal residence from the date of the transaction`s validity. Use the address search to find your property, which helps to make sure the data is correct. If you can`t find the address in the search, you can enter it manually. Additional Accommodation Supplement (ADS) may be due if this transaction contains additional accommodation, as defined according to the 2A LBTT (S) A 2013 schedule. Please read LBTT10001 to determine if the ADS is due for this transaction. Look at the corporate tax law. More information on LTTA/2040 related transactions. Answer “Yes” if the buyer is related to the seller in one of the options defined in Section 1122 Corporation Taxes Act (CTA) 2010. If not, you say “no.” If you chose “Living at a higher rate,” you must answer this question.

In certain circumstances, you may recover the higher tax rate of the tax you paid for this transaction. Answer “Yes” if this transaction is the result of an option exercised. The most common scenario in which the start date of the tenancy should be retained are leases (LTTA/4060 tenants whose amount is as follows: the renewal of the previous year) and when a lease is maintained after a fixed term and a new lease is granted (LTTA/4030 term of leases and overlapping leases: fixed terms, fixed terms continuation of leases, granting of new leases, indeterminate terms, successive leases, etc.). For most other transactions, “calculation from the transaction`s validity date” would be the appropriate option. If the transaction involves a lease, it should not contain rent. If you inform us, through related transactions, that all have the same validity date, you should return for all transactions. You can add additional land to the resume page for your design return. Completing the paper SDLT version contains more information on finding returns for transactions with more than 99 properties. However, if the buyer is a person or person who replaces his or her principal residence but has not sold his or her principal residence before the return is submitted, you must answer “yes” to this question. The ADS is due, but the buyer can claim a refund if he sells his previous principal residence within 18 months of the transaction coming into effect (see LBTT10070). Now go to the second part of the question and enter the total amount of money or monetary value, including VAT paid for all related transactions. If the transaction involves agricultural or development areas, you must enter the area.