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6 Part A: Part B: Part 4. Contact address and other contact information for communications or communications to Part A: address and other contact information for communications or communications to Part B: Part 5. Renunciation and representation Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of an agreement or non-disclosure, Confidentiality or similar agreement between the parties to this agreement, Part B accepts disclosure of information to the extent necessary under Title VII, The Wall Street Transparency and Accountability Act of 2010 of the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, as well as the applicable law that is amended and/or the rules adopted under it (the “applicable DF laws”) that require notification of transactions and similar information. Part B recognizes that the information provided under this paragraph, but is not limited to the disclosure of commercial information, including the identity of a party (by name, identifier or other), to a swap data repository and to the relevant regulatory authorities, may include, and that such information could have the effect of making certain anonymous swap transaction and price data available to the public. Part B also recognizes that a swap data repository can support the services of a global repository regulated by one or more national regulators to meet regulatory obligations, provided that such a regulated global repository of central repositories is subject to confidentiality rules comparable to those of a swap data repository registered with the Futures Commission (CFTC). In order to avoid any doubt, to the extent that secrecy, confidentiality, bank secrecy or other applicable laws impose confidentiality obligations for transactions and similar information that must be disclosed in accordance with applicable DF laws, but allow a party to waive such requirements by consent, the consent and recognition provided to them is consent on our part for the purposes of this other applicable right. Part B ensures and guarantees that each time it enters into an FX transaction in the context of this FX transaction, it is an eligible participant in the contract, since this clause is defined in Clause 1 (a) (18) of the Commodity Exchange Act as amended. Part 6. Other terms (a) exchange of transactional details Confirmation: For any transaction concluded in this database, Part A will immediately send Part B a transaction confirmation (TDC) via electronic transmission, web communication, telex or fax transmission. Part B undertakes to respond to this TDC prior to the close of operations on the business day following the receipt of this TDC, either to confirm its consent or to request a correction of the errors contained in it. If Part B does not respond within this time frame, this will have no impact on the validity or applicability of this transaction and will be considered a confirmation of the terms contained in this TDC, without any obvious error (acceptance). The parties agree that such an exchange or acceptance of electronic transmissions, web communications, telexes or fax machines is a confirmation of this transaction for the full purpose of this agreement. 11 [x] Timely Confirmation An OVER-the-counter derivative contract is confirmed as soon as possible after the execution of the OTC derivative contract and may be executed and delivered in return (including by fax) or created by an exchange of telex or an exchange of e-mail messages on an e-mail system or by any other method that will be effective by the parties for the purpose of confirming or confirming such a derivative contract.

which, in all cases, are sufficient to demonstrate a binding over-the-counter derivative contract and, if the agreement is a master`s or framework agreement, a binding supplement (as described) to that agreement.