Kids in the STEAMworx program are divided into three crews.  Each lesson provides hands-on experience for one of the crews.

The DJs

The DJs lead lessons on the physics of sound, music theory, and digital audio production.  DJs create one or more original musical composition in a selected genre of Electronic Dance Music.  During the festival, DJs will mix popular songs with dance tracks and the original compositions

The Lighting Crew

Kids on the Lighting Crew lead lessons on the basics of light, fog, lasers, pyrotechnics, and robotic lighting control.  The Lighting Crew uses their newly learned skills to create unique light shows for songs being played by the DJs.  During the festival the Lighting Crew will setup lights and rigging and provide a creative visual experience on the dance floor.

The Video Team

The Video Team focuses on photography and video systems.  Kids on this team use profession tools to create short videos to be played as a back-drop behind the DJs and dance floor.  During the festival, the Video Crew will operate a projector or video wall, as well as take video and photos of the event.


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