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“SAP Guru via sap-r3-log-mm” Too: mshiva@nagarjunagroup.com Object: [sap-r3-log-mm] Re: Appointment If you used an LPA delivery plan, there is more to do, because you need to generate the JIT Delivery Schedule and FRCT (Forecast). This is in addition to what you did in ME38. Similarly, I think you can actually “output” (z.B. Transmit/Message Customizing), before sending you THE GR messaging. For LPA type is a bit difficult as there are things at the head and item level, and either at JIT and; FRC level for each of them. I have successfully established an “LPA” delivery plan (SA) and have assigned a few delivery plans. Well, how to make the real quantities planned to see how much I received. Basically, I can`t link my SA to an order, maybe I`m following the wrong process. Please help ME38 after ME32L does? You can receive the goods on ME38.

Please check the configuration of your message in this document using shift-F1 or find the button in the menu in tcode ME33L, you will find a setting in this screen? I have established planning planning agreement.in the middle of the agreement I want to prevent the coz creditor from any delivery reason is not on time.so I created PO for another creditor with the same item of the delivery plan. The problem is that the OP is created, but I can`t release it. What for? Hello, if I draw up a delivery plan and set a delivery plan for him, I understand that delivery can be possible from that date. however, it is possible to limit delivery to the only date indicated in the calendar and not thereafter. If so, how? All ideas would be useful We use the appointment agreement in MM, Key users hold delivery date by ME38 transaction code, if you keep delivery date delivery date:10.09.2018, but the seller send the hardware on 09.09.2018 on this key case change the user delivery date from 10.09.2018 to 09.09.2018. like this in SAP `A0`0AHello,`0AAjemand please tell me how to allow gr against the schedu-ling agreement before the date mentioned in the denplanting lines, We establish a delivery plan for a hardware and maintain the delivery plan for the day 10.06.2006 and the delivery volume is 1000kg, we have the grn in T.code MIGO on 10.06.2006 the error message appears “PO 55xxXXX containxxx no item “. The best method is to set a selection setting from IMG MM->Purchasing >reporting->murning shopping lists. This way, you can set a selection setting to select delivery plans for which there are no GRs. In the ME3K, enter the validity period condition with Dynamicselection and enter the redefined selection setting.

12.06.06. alessandro via sap-r3-log-mm wrote:>> >> Cher Velmuruga, hello! >> Did you do ME38 according to ME32L?> you can make the receipt of goods to your ched. Agreement according to ME38> do.>> Salutations,> Alessandro>> ” ramanathan.velmuruga… via sap-r3-log-mm” sap-r3-log-mm@Groups.ITtoolbox.com> escreveu:>>> Hi Gourus,>> Please help me.>> We establish a delivery plan for equipment and maintain delivery> schedule for the day 10.06.2006 and the volume of delivery is 1000kgs, we > the grn in T.code MIGO will be displayed on 10/06/2006> “PO 55xxxxxxx contains no items.” >> Please guide me to resolve this issue.>> Thank you, > Vel>>>>>>>> ->_Messenger> br.messenger.yahoo.com/>> > >> The MIGO transaction standard should be defined as “always display all items.” With this option, the MIGO will tell you all the items in your delivery plan, even if your ranking date has not yet been reached. Condition: At least one classification must have been established at the item level. In this case, you can always manually enter the amount you received.