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If the request for secondment has been accepted, the authorisation manager shall ensure that the corresponding posting agreement has been concluded before the start of the secondment, which takes into account the following main points: external posting agreements can be more complex and, therefore, AIFAs should, if necessary, seek advice from their local employees and foreign exchange managers. See the list of contacts. • Clear reasons for secondment. • A clear agreement on the start and end dates. • If the material role of the worker for his return is not available, it must be understood and agreed before the start of the posting or at the time of a subsequent extension proposed or at the time of the organisational change. • That the employee fully understands all the implications of the general conditions of sale. • training needs during and after a secondment. • Arrangements for the evaluation/completion of the PDP&R upon secondment. • relevant legal requirements for the maintenance of professional registration.

• provisions to maintain regular contact with the Member and to consult him on any proposed changes to his substantive body for the duration of the secondment. • Clear rules for the return of the MP to his material position or an appropriate alternative. .