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1. A derogation in paragraph 1, paragraph 2 of letter E (NG) 57 RC1/56 of 21.01.1961, which states that when applications from railway officers are transferred to non-railway stations under the conditions set out in the railway, a company must be asked to reimburse the training costs at the exit of the railway service at the time of the selection. A similar provision is also included in the contract form/compensation obligation, carried out by trainees during the use of rail transport. 2. The Commission`s letter No. E (NG) II-77-AP-6 09.02.1979, that non-salaried workers who have not received training in railway expenditures in a given application, but who have received only an “initiation course” to adapt them to the railways` work needs, may be exempt from reimbursement of training costs in the event of selection to other central government or public sector bodies. 3. The Ministry of Railways has decided that, in the case of unskilled workers who have received “initiation training” and who leave the railway service with the correct authorization of the competent authority, in order to join a job under the central government, a state government, a public enterprise owned in whole or in part by the central government or a state government, or an autonomous entity entirely or essentially controlled by the central government or a state government, these workers should take out a new loan to ensure that they serve the new employer for the balances of the initial borrowing period. 4. In order to ensure that the obligation to obtain a new loan from a person, if necessary, is met by the railway administration with which the worker has executed the initial loan, may, at the time of the transfer of his application (and if this is not possible: before his dismissal) for another position, my letter to the division/organization, under which the staff intends to take another appointment, the intimate on the obligation of the individual to commit and to specify that, in the case of his selection for the new position, his dismissal is conditional on the condition that the new department /organization of him a fresh commitment for the remaining time, and if he does not serve the new department/organization or that he leaves before the end of the initial commitment period for a job if no derogation from the obligation of borrowing is possible , the pro-rata loan money was to be made by the person and repaid to the railway administration with which he initially made a loan.