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Take your business to the next level. Discover opportunities to increase your footprint in Sri Lanka with the help of our Trade Commissioner Service (TCS) and learn more about trade relations between the two countries, market facts and other discoveries. The only available literature that gives at least one indication of the impact of NAFTA on Sri Lanka is a study conducted by Safadi and Yeats (1993) for the World Bank on NAFTA and South Asia. According to this study, NAFTA losses for Sri Lanka, as measured by the 1989 statistics, will account for about 1% of their exports to the U.S. market. However, the study argues that the potential losses resulting from the decline in exports would be more than offset by the successful conclusion of the Uruguay Round trade negotiations. However, the study focuses more on South Asia and the findings are based on aggregate statistics. An aggregate analysis for the South Asian region is still distorted by the inclusion of Indian statistics. In addition, the analysis of Sri Lanka`s case is based on the regional model, which may not necessarily apply to a small country such as Sri Lanka. On December 5, 2016, Canada and Sri Lanka concluded an initial code-share-air transport agreement (ATA) to facilitate trade, investment and human ties between the two countries.

Canada is currently conducting exploratory discussions on bilateral or multilateral free trade agreements with the following countries and trading blocs, although formal negotiations have not yet begun:[7] Discover new ways to expand your international footprint. Canada`s broad (and growing) commercial network provides Canadian businesses with preferential access to various markets around the world. This page examines Canada`s Free Trade Agreement (FTA), Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements (FIPA), multilateral agreements and World Trade Organization (WTO) agreements. Note: The texts of the treaty on this page are exclusively for information; the official texts of the treaties are published in the “Treaty of Canada” series. URL: www.canadainternational.gc.ca/sri_lanka/index.aspx?lang=eng Canada negotiates bilateral free trade agreements with the following countries and trading blocs:[7] Learn more about tourism: www.srilankatourism.org Canada and Sri Lanka have a long-standing bilateral partnership based on joint participation in the Commonwealth and multilateral forums, a long-standing development assistance program, Cooperation against the illicit movement of people and goods, a modest but growing economic relationship and a community of Canadians of Sri Lankan descent.