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Stamp paper is used in each printed copy of the contract, in accordance with the value set by the Stamp Act of 1889, the purpose of the Stamp Act is to protect public revenues and not to affect business life by invalidating instruments essential to the fluidity of trade and exchange. If a document has been exported without the stamp document for which it was required, such a document may not be admitted in the evidence. It is considered an offset of the document. However, just because an instrument cannot be accepted as evidence does not mean that such an instrument is not valid. The stamp duty levied on a document is fixed on the day of execution of the document, but the penalty to be levied must be established at the time of its presentation to be used as evidence. In this respect, two things must be important. For contract management, the document should include a tracking number or identification number for reference and verification purposes. A contract is the result of mutual agreements between two parties on any object, if two parties agree to conclude a contract and conclude the terms of such a contract, they bring a soft copy or conditions orally discussed on paper. They make two original copies of paper for their registration and for any evidence where it may be necessary.

The process of making paper copies and perfect detection of future references, the following steps must be carefully implemented. The Supreme Court therefore held that Section 54 of the Indian Stamp Act does not require anyone to use it within six months and that there is no obstacle to a stamp document purchased more than six months before the execution of a document or document In accordance with the principle of Islamic evidence, the Qanun-e-Shahadat Order provides, in 1984, that two witnesses were needed on matters relating to financial or future commitments. Each type of contract/agreement is attested by two witnesses and the following information about each witness must be indicated in contract i. Name and signature ii. Thumbprint iii. CNIC No. and iv. Addresses If the contract/agreement is related to the sale or purchase of real estate or the rental of real estate, the Registration Act 1908 applies to all such documents. If a rental document/agreement has been concluded between the parties for one year or more than one year, it must be registered; Otherwise, it will only be effective if it is registered with the relevant authorities.

It has often been assumed that the use of a stamp document in a contract was the registration of the agreement, but the registration of the stamp paper with the seller does not mean the registration of the agreement, but a misunderstanding in the applicability of the Stamps Act of 1899 and the Registration Act of 1908. To clarify things, it should be noted that the difference in applicability of these laws is that it should be stated that stamp paper will remain valid until it is used or its amount/price has been recovered from revenue. The Stamp Act of 1899 (the “Act”) nowhere imposes an expiry date for the use of stamp paper. However, section 54 of the Act provides that a person may request a refund of the value of the unused stamp paper by giving it to the collector, provided that it is purchased within the six-month period. No explanation of this magnitude has been found by the Supreme Courts of Pakistan, but this principle was taken by HON`BLE RICHTER (S): MADELEY, J and reported in AIR 1943 OUDH 314, provided that “stamp purchased more than six months ago – use of – valid…