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If docker ps -a command, found container sqlserver is not launched after using docker logs sqlserver query log, log indicates: 11. LICENSE VOLUME. The software is licensed, not sold. Unless current law grants you other rights, Microsoft reserves any other rights not expressly granted under this Agreement, whether by implication, by effect of law, or by other means. In doing so, you must respect all the technical constraints of the software that only allow you to use them in a certain way. You are not entitled to the 5th THIRD PARTY NOTIFICATION. The software may contain third-party components with separate legal instructions or be subject to other agreements, as described in the ThirdPartyNotices file that is attached to the software. Even if these elements are governed by other agreements, subsequent exclusions of liability as well as subsequent limitations and exclusions of damages apply. The following conditions must be met before you can install SQL Server on Docker: You can use Microsoft SQL Server 2017 in different ways. Below is an overview of the four most common ways to do this.

(a) First allocation of CALs. You must purchase and assign a SQL Server 2016-CAL to any device or user that directly or indirectly accesses your instances of the server software. A hardware partition or blade is considered a separate device. run : name : Start MSSQL Server command : docker run -e `ACCEPT_EULA=Y` -e `SA_PASSWORD=yourStrong ( !) Password` -p 1433:1433 -d microsoft/mssql-server-linux:2017-latest 16. LICENSE CERTIFICATE. If you purchased the software on media or other media, an original Microsoft license certificate with an original copy of the software identifies the licensed software. To be valid, this label must appear on the Microsoft packaging and must not be submitted separately. If you receive the label separately, it is not valid. You must keep the packaging with the label in order to prove that you are licensed to use the software. For more information about identifying the original Microsoft software, please see www.howtotell.com.

Second, you can also use sqlcmd on a computer on which you have installed the sqlcmd tool to create a connection to SQL Server that runs in the container. First, find the IP address of your Docker host….