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Grade 1 detects the physical effort required to sit while performing activities that require small muscle movements, such as the keyboard, sitting at a desk while using a computer and phone, and/or a pen and notepad in meetings. It includes a few handles and folds to obtain reference materials or adapt the equipment; from one place to another (i.e. from an office to a meeting room). Decisions and recommendations focus on the composition, management and management of multidisciplinary negotiating teams, including members of provincial/territorial governments. Develops and cultivates leading business models and analytical frameworks to meet unique requirements. In addition, problems related to the negotiation of rights, contracts and autonomy agreements in the geographical area are identified and problems and effects are identified by analysing each table or case on their own merits and assessing appropriate measures to be taken within the existing political or legal framework. Conducts a thorough review of acts, regulations, regulations and directives within tight timelines and provides views on the complexity of appropriate changes to guidelines and procedures, while working on other rights or issues that are of priority to the branch. Decisions and recommendations relate to unexpected external constraints and interventions by other government agencies and stakeholders that have the potential to change the negotiating environment and the context of the negotiations. The objective is to meet the requirement to negotiate constitutionally protected long-term requirements and agreements, while protecting the interests of the Canadian government. The work requires the operation of a computer keyboard and requires the recovery, editing and examination of statistical data on a computer screen where accuracy is particularly important, as it affects the accuracy of the results.

In addition, the work requires the use of an electronic computer to perform or verify mathematical/statistical functions. Manages senior managers and executives, recruits and selects staff, organizes the workplace, determines responsibility for work and responsibilities, sets work goals and oversees their achievement; Mentors and coaches, prepares and discusses annual performance reviews with individual employees, takes disciplinary action, promotes a culture of continuous learning, offers training and development opportunities, encourages and demonstrates through its own actions the values of the department`s company. The work also includes allocating budgets and managing and evaluating the activities of multidisciplinary negotiating teams, setting priorities and work objectives, as well as defining the skills required, as well as negotiating applications, contracts, geographic autonomy agreements and related policy research. In addition, the work includes analysis and control of expenditures to ensure effective use of budgetary appropriations, to anticipate financial problems and to take corrective action; It also includes tracking monthly expenditures on the basis of expected objectives, identifying and analyzing the reasons for the discrepancies, and recommending the redeployment of line objects to correct discrepancies, cover unforeseen expenses and ensure that the group`s work is not hampered by unnecessary financial constraints.