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It is therefore clear that, with these definitions of perspective, the importance of the strategy of researchers, scientists and public authorities in the field of management and other related disciplines has never been the subject of general agreement. However, although these authorities are not only important, there are several often important elements that seem to fall within the meaning of almost all the authorities within the meaning of the strategy. However, there is not a single meaning of the strategy that has been defined as universally accepted, as this notion is ambiguous and broad as administrative authorities are divided into a generally accepted importance of the strategy. In addition, it is about how the strategy is a combination of goals that a company is committed to achieving, or what are commonly called goals, and the means that the company intends to use to achieve those goals or so-called strategies. Therefore, it is obvious that Porter takes the strategy to be the position and plans. Nevertheless, Andrew`s definition of Mintzberg`s strategy anticipates the importance of the strategy that includes the plan, model and perspective. In addition, there is a consensus within both authorities that the strategy still defines the platform of competition within the company. However, this definition does not contain some key planning elements. For example, objectives, missions and core values are not recognized, making the strategy complete in our time. In addition, Mintzberg pursues the strategy of being the position that reflects the choices to offer certain products or services in a given market. However, there are also some shortcomings in this importance, as it does not provide any means of providing these products or services in order to have a competitive advantage in the market. However, confusion and misunderstandings affected the importance of the strategy in the 1980s, as no meaningful strategic planning process could be put in place without first understanding what the strategy was.

As a result, this led to an increase in the number of other strategic planning authorities, who continued to try to give importance to the strategy, which was hoped to be accepted in general. That is why authorities like Henry Mintzberg came to contribute. What led you to seek a universal partnership? Please tell us where you read or heard it (including the quote, if possible). However, this is not the generally accepted importance of the strategy, as different researchers and scientists in the field of management and related disciplines have different views on the importance of the strategy. This is why the paper attempts to explore different schools of thought that try to give their views on the importance of the strategy in order to gain a broader understanding of the different points of view of the strategy. Nevertheless, Lynch (2006) said, it is really a Herculean task to develop a generally acceptable definition of strategy. However, several scientists have tried to develop a different definition of the strategy, which varies from person to person. Mintzberg and Quinn (2003), for example, represent the choice of another set of activities that are tracked by a unique and valuable position in the environment. Nevertheless, it is also important to keep in mind that strategy is always a means of achieving objectives and that, therefore, the key elements of the strategy remain universal in all this importance.

In short, it is important to recognize that the document has examined the concept of strategy in a diverse way by examining the importance of the strategy, as provided by various authorities in the field of management and related areas.