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11. Which of the following is not an essential feature of a partnership? (A) There must be an agreement (B) There must be a transaction (C) The transaction must be continued for profits (D) The transaction must be managed by all partners 44. A, B and C are partners. A-Capital is 3.00,000 EUROS AND THE CAPITAL OF B 1.00,000 EURO. C has not invested an amount as capital, but it manages the entire business on its own. C wants?30,000 p.a. as salary. The company made a profit of 1.50,000 euros. What will be the share of the profits of each partner: (A) A 60,000; B 60,000; C -Nil (B) 90,000 USD; B 30,000; C -Nil (C) 40,000 USD; B 40,000 and 40,000 (D) 50,000 USD; B 50,000 and C 50,000. a) How they propose to divide profits b) If salary and interest are to be admitted into capital c) If each partner can integrate a person of his choice into a partnership d) If there should be restrictions on what a partner can indicate for his or her own needs. On June 1, 2018, a partner introduced an additional $50,000 in capital. In the absence of a twinning act, March 31, 2019, it receives interest: (A) 3,000 (B) Null (C) 2,500 (D) 1,800 USD An organization that runs a business has the following attributes: Assets belong to the organization, it can levy a variable fee on its assets, a membership change does not change its existence and members cannot transfer their interest to others.

What kind of organization is this? 1. To create a partnership, what should be the minimum number of partners? 73. A and B register USD 1.00,000 and USD 60,000 respectively in a company that agrees to have interests in the deren in such a way). Your share in profits or losses is 3 to 2. Earnings at the end of the year amounted to 2,800 euros Us-Us before obtaining capital interest. If there is a clear agreement for capital interest to be paid even in the event of a loss, then s will be the share: (A) profit 6,000 (B) Profit 4,000 (C) loss 6,000 (D) loss 4,000 17. When will the Partnership Act be enforced? (A) if there is no partnership act (B), in the event of a partnership act, but there are differences of opinion between the partners (C), if the partners` capital contribution is different (D), if the partner`s salary and capital interest are not included in the partnership decision 20. A and B are partners in partnership companies without agreement.

A granted the company a loan of 50,000 US-Euro. At the end of the year, there was a loss in business. The following interest can be paid by the company to A: (A) 5% per year (B) 6% per year (C) 6% per month (D) Since there is a loss in the company, interest cannot be paid 50. In a lirm partnership, partner A is entitled to a monthly salary of 7,500 US-Euro.